Why Travel Content is Essential

Back in 1996 Bill Gates wrote an essay titled “Content is King”. After more than 25 years, most digital marketing professionals still agree this well-turned phrase is true. Having top quality, current and highly relevant content has never been more important for every step of your sales funnel. From getting new customers to keeping the existing ones happy — inspiring travel content is key. The decision to license or purchase travel content is a smart one.


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By integrating curated travel content on your site, you can improve user experience and organically attract travelers. Whether it’s through email marketing, social media or organic search, attracting potential customers is easier if you provide them with something visually and emotionally appealing. Integrating travel content alongside your website’s main USP benefits users and builds your site’s topical authority across the web. This creates opportunities for backlinks (one of SEO’s strongest rank signals) and builds strong brand equity. 


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According Expedia Group Media Solution, 7 out of 10 travelers research two or more destinations during the early stages of their purchasing process. For most people, budget is the primary concern, but over half are looking for inspiration during the planning and booking process. More than 65% of travelers said they are swayed by informative content.  

The Canadian travel management company UNIGLOBE has seamlessly integrated ArrivalGuides content on their website, adding substantial value for their visitors. Coupled with their user-friendly navigation, this makes their site a great place to get inspired. Categories such as Do & See, Dining and Shopping instantly appeal to travelers and help them determine which destinations are most suitable to them. 


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By supplying inspirational content, OTA’s and digital travel sites not only help travelers choose their destination, but also reduce abandonment rates. According to ArrivalGuides own customer survey of 3,000 visitors to arrivalguides.com, 30% of respondents are more inclined to book a trip if valuable destination information is provided on the website. Essentially, travelers want inspirational destination content and booking information to coexist in one place. The more your visitors are satisfied with the scope and quality of content they find on your website, the less likely they are to shop around and eventually buy from your competitor. On top of this, if information about the destination is integrated on the booking site, 29% of customers will actually book their trip faster.

The Irish airline Aer Lingus has cleverly combined our extensive content library with their booking form on their website, increasing their possibility for conversion. By integrating hundreds of destinations and thousands of points of interest in different categories, such as Do & See or Dining, they enable travelers to plan and book their trip — all in one place. 


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Getting new customers is not an easy task, so once you acquire them, it’s a good idea to keep them happy and make sure they stick around. Give them a reason to engage with your brand again. According to the same in-house research by ArrivalGuides:  

  • 37% of travelers will return to the website where they booked their trip if destination content is included;
  • 33% of travelers would recommend the website to friends and family if it includes destination content. 

Travelport has found that 78% of customers want location-specific content when visiting their destination. It is the perfect opportunity to better your relationship with your customers and increase customer loyalty. Consider a platform like inDest that drives in-destination revenue for travel companies and helps overwhelmed travelers plan their trip on the fly. They effectively leverage artificial intelligence and the fact that, even on vacation, people are glued to their mobile devices. Not everyone has their trip planned in minute detail ahead of time, so providing the more impulsive and spontaneous travelers with timely information is paramount. 

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Hundreds of the world’s leading travel brands have implemented ArrivalGuides content licensing solutions to deliver results, drive customer loyalty and put them front and center in the travel space. Our content managers are well versed in the latest content marketing trends and know how to create immersive and inspiring travel content. Don’t miss out and get in touch with us!

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