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 “At Blue Air, we love our passengers. And because they mean the world to us, we know what seeing the world, means to them. We love making sure they get those added extras, that can make all the difference to their journey. The integration of ArrivalGuide’s content on Blue Air’s website, is the added extra that offers our passengers valuable information for their next journey, so they can travel more and enjoy more.” 

- Reluca Pauna, Advertising & Brand Manager, Blue Air

"The California’s Central Valley Guide was a fantastic opportunity for our region to come together and partner on a marketing tool that many of our members could not do on their own. The translations have allowed our organization and partners to communicate more efficiently with international travel markets at tradeshows and online. The Central Valley Tourism Association could not be more pleased with the ease of use of the system, and the quality of the final product. The guide really turned out great!”

- Wes Rhea, CEO, Visit Stockton

“As a player within the travel industry offering private and/or white-label shopping and booking solutions, adding destination content to our portfolio was the missing link to round out our comprehensive product offering. TST strives to stay connected with its customer base throughout the entire vacation lifecycle, and providing destination content is a key way in which we can do that after a customer has made their reservation. With future plans to expand this content to the pre-booking workflow, providing customers with the data necessary to compare and contrast different destinations will give TST another unique advantage in an always evolving market.”

- Sarah Nosari, Director, Product Management, TST

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Through innovative thinking, key partnerships around the world and a capacity to be the first to see what the market demands, ArrivalGuides has risen to the forefront of the travel industry.