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Destination content plays an important role if you want to convert visitors into bookings. In fact, 30% of visitors are more inclined to book a trip if valuable destination information is provided on the website. Essentially, travelers want inspirational destination content and booking information to coexist in one place.

Why does destination content increase conversion?

Today’s internet users crave an online environment that is personalized, holistic and frictionless. They want to cover as much ground as possible as quickly as possible, and they want to have fun doing it. So how exactly can destination content help convert visitors into bookings?

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High-quality travel content feels familiar to users and contributes to strengthening the bond between company and customer.

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Added Value

Integrated destination content enables companies to get involved and add value at every step of the booking process.

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Mass Appeal

Utilizing a vast source of diverse travel content, organizations are able to spread their reach to a much wider audience.

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Travel content enables visitors to feel confident in their choice of destination as they can back it up with detailed information.

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Anticipating Demand

If implemented in a strategic manner, integrated travel content can assist in nudging the user in the right direction by anticipating demand.

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Local content, such as our cultivated points of interest, appeal to consumers by offering a sense of exclusivity and intimacy.

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Language Diversity

Local or regional content helps improve both the quantity and quality of user engagement by expanding the reach and familiarity.

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By allowing consumers to research, explore and book all on the same page, the process of travel planning becomes streamlined.

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Visitors are more likely to book a trip if travel content is provided

Yes it’s true. 30% of visitors are more inclined to book a trip if valuable destination information is provided on the website. 

Travelers would book a trip faster if content was integrated on the booking site

On top of this, if information about the destination is integrated on the booking site – 29% of customers will actually book their trip faster. Ultimately, the power of inspiring and up-to-date content not only leads to more conversions, but also faster ones.

Source: Customer survey of 3,000 visitors to, conducted by ArrivalGuides in June 2019.

Conversion in practice

The Irish airline Aer Lingus has cleverly combined our extensive content library with their booking form on their website, increasing their possibility for conversion. By integrating hundreds of destinations and thousands of points of interests in different categories, such as Do & See or Dining, they enable travelers to plan and book their trip – all in one place.

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A case study by ArrivalGuides

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Convert visitors into bookings

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