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Delivering an excellent user experience is crucial to attracting new customers, regardless of whether it’s through email marketing, social media or organic search. By integrating high-quality curated travel content on your site, you will be able to improve your user experience and organically attract travelers.

How does licensed content boost organic traffic?

Generating organic traffic is all about ensuring that your site responds to users’ search needs with high-quality content that is relevant, engaging and useful.  By successfully providing this, visitors will spend more time interacting with your pages, boosting its organic value through time. Here are some ways high-quality destination content creates a more intriguing website, increasing your site’s organic footprint across other online platforms.

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By implementing inspiring travel content on your site, you can improve its diversification and topic coverage. This helps to extent your expertise and accelerates your site’s organic reach.

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Credibility & Trust

Syndicating content from trusted and reputable sources, such as ArrivalGuides, carries a lot of brand equity and makes your site more reliable for both users and search engines.

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Integrating quality, in-depth content benefits users and builds your site’s topical authority across the web. Authoritative sites attract backlinks – one of SEO’s strongest rank signals.

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Google favors timely, fresh content. Sites that publish content on a regular basis are often rewarded in ranks. Updated content and novelty also encourages user retention.

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Providing extensive and diverse content is critical to engaging audiences and encourages lengthier and deeper interactions with your site – all positive user signals for SEO.

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Email & Social Media

Integrated content provides a steady source of fuel for email and social media – boosting both traffic and brand equity with the help of social shares, mentions and links back to your site.

What about duplicate content?

Let’s talk about duplicated content. We sometimes receive concerns regarding duplicated content and its potential damage on organic performance. In fact, duplicated content does not hurt your rankings unless it is used with malicious intent. In Google’s own words: “Duplicate content on a site is not grounds for action on that site unless it appears that the intent of the duplicate content is to be deceptive and manipulate search engine results.” Basically, as long as your content is integrated with your users in mind, using syndicated content on your site won’t tarnish your SEO efforts. Rather, it improves your organic value by increasing the quality of your content, which is one of Google’s core values and is often rewarded in search results.

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