Manet Partners with ArrivalGuides to Provide Travel Content

Manet is a digital solution offering travellers Internet connectivity abroad together with a set of dedicated content and services related to their trip and to the destination. The Manet solution is designed for clients of hotels, b&b, vacation rentals, car rental companies, tour operators and other players in the tourism industry. The service is offered via an App and/or a physical Device.

Manet chose ArrivalGuides as it gives the company the opportunity to offer all-in-one travel guides to the world’s major destinations, while providing compelling content that is always up-to-date. Thanks to this, Manet is able to more confidently approach overseas markets and to better serve company’s customers with rich destination content for inspiring travellers and improve their engagement.

Thanks to the partnership with ArrivalGuides, we are finally able to offer up-to-date and high-quality content in the most popular destinations all over the world in order to enrich our products with engaging and interesting information, also providing a really valuable service for travellers. In addition, the ArrivalGuides API integration allows us to deliver real-time geolocated content and to provide further useful features such as place search or nearby destinations, so as to supply a fully responsive service to our users.

Andrea Proietti – Co-founder, CIO & Marketing Director @ Manet Mobile Solutions


More about Manet

The Manet App uses eSIM technology to equip travellers with fast and convenient Internet connectivity on their smartphones. Thanks to the App, the travellers are able to book all providers’ services and keep in touch with them; they can access tourist guides, travel tools and other contents which enrich and simplify their stay.

The Manet Device is a physical smartphone that offers end users all the App benefits, as well as the opportunity to make free worldwide unlimited calls, to have free unlimited Internet connectivity, Wi-Fi hotspot for connecting their personal devices, audioguides and other dedicated features.

Thanks to the Manet Dashboard, providers can control and customize App and Devices content, to streamline daily operations, to facilitate communication with clients and to increase their revenues by enhancing travellers’ engagement and overall satisfaction.

Manet is focused on developing innovative solutions for the Tourism and Travel Industry, as are we. We are extremely proud to be a trusted partner of Manet, and confident our rich destination content will help their users’ experience throughout the entire customer journey and, strengthen their brand presence on a global scale.

Andrew Langmaid – CEO @ ArrivalGuides 


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