Vayant and ArrivalGuides Team Up to Inspire Travel Shoppers

Vayant and ArrivalGuides Team Up

Gothenburg, Sweden (February 24, 2015) – Vayant Travel Technologies, a world leader in airfare search innovation, and ArrivalGuides, the destination content supplier, today announced a partnership agreement for a joint marketing solution that allows travel companies to target flight offers alongside inspiring destination images and content.

By combining their respective strengths, the partners aim to make it easier for airlines and travel agencies to provide rich content-driven experiences on their e-commerce websites.

As the world’s leading network of high quality and up-to-date destination information and city guides, ArrivalGuides brings compelling destination content to inspire travellers to choose, book and plan their trip. Currently, this covers over 500 destinations and includes 35,000+ points of interest.

Vayant brings its FastSearch, the inspirational sub-second airfare shopping product that precomputes large datasets of customer-defined flight search results and keeps them fresh and easily available for marketing purposes via API.

Offered as a one-stop-shop web solution, the combined destination and flight content API can be used by travel companies to power map displays, calendar displays, banner ads, email campaigns.

Iskra Rasheva, Marketing Manager, Vayant Travel Technologies, said: “Today’s travellers expect to find inspiration when they shop online, with exciting travel choices accurately priced, attractively presented and available to book. With ArrivalGuides, we’re making it easy for all kinds of travel sellers to deploy this kind of quality content on their websites.”

Ola Zetterlof, Director of Content Solutions, ArrivalGuides, said: “High-quality destination content is key for inspiration and to trigger a booking – with Vayant, we add a new dimension with airfare pricing that’s fast and accurate.”

To see a demo of the Arrival Guides – Vayant solution in action, check out //

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