The Top Online Sources – Where Do Travelers Get Inspiration From?

Millions of people decide to travel every year, whether they are looking to escape, find new adventures, explore new places, or want to know new cultures. Some travelers might return to a destination more than once, but most people are searching for something new, whether adventurous or relaxing.

These days it is getting easier to go to places off the beaten track. The only question is how to decide where to go. There are several ways of choosing a destination but even though people still get influenced by their friends and family’s opinion, that the internet has become the top source for travel planning. There are thousands of travel sites aiming for being the best and the top one by putting all their energy in trying to offer more, and be better than the rest.

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According to Google’s Research, ‘The 2014 Traveler’s Road to Decision’, both leisure and business travelers are mostly influenced by their research on the internet. It is more popular to ask for some feedback from family, friends or colleagues among leisure travelers but they still do their research online to get to know more about the potential destination.

For those of you who are trying to sell your destination online, it is very important to find a way of standing out from your competition. There are several ways to become one of the top destinations, and it can take quite a bit of time and money, so, before you start to sign large numbers of purchase orders on search engine marketing and digital advertising, you should know where your potential travelers are reading about you.

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As the research of Google shows, most of the time leisure travelers start exploring by looking for places via online search engines but search engine marketing can be very expensive.

Destination specific sites/apps are only used by 30% of leisure travelers while travel planning. Becoming a leader in the ‘destination game’ involves getting your content – including pictures and videos – to all of the sources named above and more, including search engines, hotel sites, OTAs, airline sites, Smart TV apps, cruise entertainment systems, inflight entertainment systems and car rental sites. Enter ArrivalGuides.

ArrivalGuides is the world’s largest distributor of destination information, making your destination content available on the top online sources listed above, and even in Google’s two new destination-specific apps, Google Field Trip and Google Now. With over 550 destinations in the ArrivalGuides library, your content will be delivered straight to the traveler via our distribution network of over 300 major travel brands, informing and influencing travelers to visit your destination.

ArrivalGuides helps you to have your destination implemented into our distribution network. Our partners are the leaders among the online sources used by tourists. Create a Guide on and watch it go live in our network of more than 300 influential travel brands, in all formats including online, PDF, mobile apps and TV apps.

Let’s see a few examples!

– Arrival Guides integrated into confirmation e-mails:

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– Shown on distribution partner’s websites:

– Your ArrivalGuides information will be pushed into the Field Trip app:

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Become an ArrivalGuides partner to get your destinations’ information published live as online content via our network of 300+ distribution partners’, all of whom are major brands and influence the decisions that travelers make.

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