PXCom & ArrivalGuides unveil a strategic partnership

ArrivalGuides & PXCom have partnered to bring the ArrivalGuides destination guides, currently used online by over 40 airlines, to the air, through PXCom’s onboard in-flight entertainment applications. Through this partnership, PXCom boosts its’ apps catalogue with new prestigious destination guide applications and ArrivalGuides can extend its’ multi- channel offering to airlines into the IFE channel.

With the new apps, airlines can provide their passengers with a rich selection of multimedia and interactive content. While flying, passengers are now able to access large quantities of updated destination information for their trip planning. As 80% of travelers finalize their travel plans while flying* this is a channel that cannot be overlooked by airlines and IFE suppliers.

“Thanks to these on board destination guides, passengers can access practical and useful information in a fun way,” explains Cyril JEAN, CEO, PXCom. “They will have access to a large range of content within dedicated applications. They will also be able to find various points of interest on interactive moving maps while on their flight. This allows airlines to deliver consistent multi-channel content (web, mobile, in-flight entertainment).”

“As we already deliver online content to over 40 airlines globally we are delighted to partner with PXCom to be able to offer this onboard as well,” says Ola Zetterlof, Director of Content Solutions for ArrivalGuides. “PXCom delivers one of the best software platforms integrated into most of the existing IFE systems today.”

Through its’ unique partnerships with official tourist bureaus, ArrivalGuides provide the travel industry with constantly updated, locally generated destination guides for over 550 destinations.

“Through the new partnership with PXCom, our tourist bureau partners will now be able to get their content in a very important channel for travelers planning their holiday,“ Ola Zetterlof explains.

“The high quality and to the up-to-date content of ArrivalGuides have been decisive in our choice for the partnership,” explains Cyril Jean. “We intend to make passengers life easier and select the very best pieces of information for their destination. The PXCom/ArrivalGuides partnership opens huge new opportunities for both companies.”

ArrivalGuides recently unveiled a new B2B platform for bookable events and entertainment, ArrivalTickets™. The platform makes over 700 000 dated events (concerts, sports, exhibitions, etc.) for over 5 000 destinations accessible and bookable for airlines & OTAs. The PXCom ArrivalGuides app will be updated with the ArrivalTickets™ solution within a few months. This solution will allow passengers onboard, through the app, to directly book concert tickets, sports tickets, city passes, museum tickets, reserve restaurants, etc.

Launch at the APEX Expo 15-18 the of Sep

The new app will be showcased by PXCom (booth #1446) at the APEX Expo in Anaheim, USA 15-18th of Sep (www.apexifsaexpo.aero).
* DGAC report 2012

For more information:

ArrivalGuides, Ola Zetterlof, Director of Content Solutions ola.zetterlof@arrivalguides.com
PXCom, Cyril Jean, CEO cyril.jean@pxcom.aero

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