Poor Content Equals Negative Impact on Your Destination Guide

As a destination, it is important for you to attract as many travelers as you possibly can. There are several ways to create an appealing ‘call to action’ for the millions of potential tourists out there, but in the competitive environment known as “where should I go on holiday”, it is important to stand out and be seen – and heard. Thousands of destination sites offer unique experiences, but not all of them know how to turn an offer into an inspiring one that could actually attract people, and their hard-earned money.

ArrivalGuides offers an excellent opportunity to destinations by providing a platform where they can create a guide, and offer for free to their current and potential visitors. Due to our network of over 300 distribution partners, all of whom are major, influential travel brands, the content of your published guide reaches millions of travelers immediately and influences them the minute they look at it. Nowadays people rush through information without giving adequate attention to it. If you can make your readers be still and listen to your words, study your destination pictures and videos for even a moment, you have already succeeded.

You have less than a minute to prove that you are the destination they’ve been looking for. This is the reason why it is essential for all the destinations to create a guide full of inspirational and engaging content.

Creating your ArrivalGuide in a way that your visitors will find your content useful and appealing is all up to you – although it is relevant to your destination to make the best out of it. Imagine being a tourist, looking for a place to spend your holidays. Browsing through the tons of destinations and opportunities, you finally find the guide of the destination you’ve been longing to go to for ages – and find yourself staring at a guide which is dull and uninspiring, full of content which is boring or outdated, and does not have any high-quality pictures, videos or inspiring text. The seed of doubt is planted in your mind already. Would you even bother considering spending your holiday at a place that does not mind having poor content on their guide? Probably not.

If you are the owner of an ArrivalGuide, taking advantage of the network of over 300 major, influential travel brands who are distributing your content in the hopes of inspiring their customers and passengers, you must know that having poor content equals a negative impact on your destination. Poor content costs your potential visitors and even damages your destination brand.

It is easy to avoid negative impact. Just spend 15 minutes every week on making your guide inspiring by adding fascinating pictures, videos, and excellent content. If you only had a moment to define your destination and sell it to the potential tourists, what would you say? Now that is what you have to transmit online as well.

Quality is the key for planting the seed in your potential visitor’s mind. Rich content equals high quality, and that is what attracts tourists. Looking at a magnificent guide makes the tourist want to travel – and choose your destination.

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