Iberia Express passengers access ArrivalGuides destination content Onboard

Passengers flying with Iberia Express can now plan their trips during their flights with the most comprehensive travel guides available.

Iberia Express introduced a Club Express Onboard, an innovative entertainment technology, a system free of charge that offers magazines, newspapers, destination guides and a booking option (for tickets, hotels, car rentals etc.) with a wide range of audio-visual content.

To access the Club Express Onboard, users need an electronic device (mobile, tablet, laptop) to connect to the plane’s network.

Iberia Express passengers access ArrivalGuides destination content

About Iberia Express

Iberia Express is a Madrid-based airline operating short and medium-haul flights. The company, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Iberia, competes efficiently and sustainably in an increasingly complex market. Iberia Express provides its parent company with profitable direct and connecting flights, thereby supporting growth in Iberia’s long-haul business. Iberia Express began operating in March 2012, the airline has become one of the top four airlines to fly out of the Madrid Barajas airport.

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