Hannover Airport to increase traveler engagement with ArrivalGuides

Hannover Airport has now made the decision to further increase traveler engagement by partnering up with ArrivalGuides – the leading supplier of destination content in the world.

Hannover Airport will enjoy direct access to a comprehensive, up-to-date library of information from over 550 global destinations via the ArrivalGuides API system. Using destination content supplied by Official Tourist Boards, the airport will boost travelers experiences by introducing high-quality destination content into its digital platform. With PDF guides integrated into the airport’s website in a user-friendly way, travelers will enjoy easy access to the latest essential information about their chosen destination.

Along with Geneva, Bern, the Swedavia Group of airports and Milan-Malpensa Airport, Hannover Airport will now make use of content supplied by ArrivalGuides to increase traveler engagement and satisfaction.

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