Destination Content Identified as Key to Attract Travelers

User experience is a term frequently used in digital marketing, and although marketers and UX designers constantly strive to improve it, it may not always be easy to know what exactly optimization should entail to best suit customer wants and needs.

There are, of course, the fundamentals: most users want the page to be simple and clear, and the goal of their website visit easy to reach intuitively, within no more than a couple of clicks. But there are other factors that come into play as well, such as relevant and engaging content that saves customers the time and effort of scouring the web in search of information they require.

After all, this makes perfect sense. The key factor behind a rising trend in destination content is that customers – in this case, travelers – want to receive pertinent information at the same time as they book.

“Skyscanner pulled the plug at a time when consumers don’t want to visit yet another travel website when they already visit so many to plan and book vacations. The move comes in response to a key trend. A growing number of consumers want to do all of their travel research and booking at the same source — or from as few sources as possible. In the past year, Skyscanner has joined a trend among travel brands of working harder to provide help for travelers looking for inspiration or doing destination research.” *

Amadeus also spotted the trend:

“Travelers demand more variety and insight into their destinations – they want real insider knowledge. The consumer is hungry to understand where they’re going and what is there. 67% of travelers say they would feel more loyal to a travel company that shares information to improve their travel experience during their trip.” **

Our research into traveler preferences for destination content confirms this, too. Survey results indicate that customers would be more inclined to book travel if the booking site contains good content about the destination. They would even book faster AND recommend the site to family and friends.


** Amadeus white paper: ‘Get Ready for Destination X – Win traveler trust and loyalty in the post-booking ancillary game.’ Available at

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