Brussels Airlines teams up with Microsoft and ArrivalGuides to create a unique digital experience

Gothenburg, Sweden (December 17, 2014)Brussels Airlines inaugurates “The Loft” at Brussels Airport, a new business lounge centered around comfort, technology, design and Belgian gastronomy. With this new lounge concept, Brussels Airlines sets new quality standards in hospitality on the ground.

Brussels Airlines has teamed up with Microsoft and ArrivalGuides to create a unique digital experience for The Loft. Guests can borrow a Surface Pro 3 during their stay in the lounge. The tablet contains the new Brussels Airlines app ‘Connected Lounge’, which is a proper digital assistant: It allows the possibility to book a shower room, see the availability of the nap boxes or book a meeting room. The digital assistant also keeps passengers informed about the status of their flight and provide them with some great insight on the destination they are traveling to.

new york by arrivalguides

“We are very pleased about our partnership with ArrivalGuides, that has allowed us to offer updated and relevant destination content to all our guests, whatever their final destination,” says Eric Kergoat, Head of Product Development for Brussels Airlines.

Ola Zetterlof, Director of Content Solutions at ArrivalGuides, says “We see an increased focus in general to use destination content in airport channels. We deliver destination content to a number of airports around the world, e.g. Geneva, Nuremberg, Reykjavik, as well as a number of airports in Sweden and Norway.”

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