ArrivalGuides New Owner Sees High Value in Content Licensing

The Covid-19 crisis had an impact on just about everyone and everything. That includes the plans that Lonely Planet had for ArrivalGuides in 2020. In the wake of everything that happened that year, Lonely Planet decided to sell ArrivalGuides with its content licensing solutions to venture company Lion Ventures, consisting of investors and advisors in the travel sector.

We believe in awesome ideas driven by exceptional individuals, and we invest in seed and startup companies with proven concepts. ArrivalGuides’ content licensing concept and established business is something that carries high value throughout the customer journey, both for companies and for end users.” says Ola Zetterlöf, owner and investor at Lion Ventures.

About Lion Ventures

Lion Ventures is a multi-stage travel-focused investment and advisory company which identify and grow successful digital travel companies of all sizes in high growth verticals and niches within travel. They also act as advisors for companies in travel and use their network to connect and boost their businesses.

About ArrivalGuides

ArrivalGuides is the world’s largest distributor of destination content. ArrivalGuides partners use destination information to improve customer interaction, experience, loyalty and transactions with their brand. ArrivalGuides’ destination content can be delivered across all platforms and digital communications. These include for example apps, booking confirmations, newsletters, Smart TV applications and touchscreens. For more information, use the menu above. See all destination guides on


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