ArrivalGuides to supply Scandinavian Gyms with travel videos

The growing trend of combining travel with healthy living has led to an exclusive partnership between Gymtech Music-TV, a leader within the implementation and operation of individual music video-based entertainment systems in the Scandinavian fitness industry, and ArrivalGuides, the world’s leading destination expert.

142 gyms across Scandinavia are now powered by ArrivalGuides’ library of destination videos, supplied directly from destination partners – Official Tourism Boards – to create a positive and vibrant environment in which both gym members and staff can enjoy travel content.

With Gymtech’s reach of over 570.000 viewers per month, ArrivalGuides’ partnership with Gymtech Music TV is beneficial not only for travelers, but also for travel destinations, as it gives them the ability to influence over half a million potential visitors each month with their own inspirational video content.

With the new interactive booking platform, created in collaboration with Snowstorm Technologies Inc., a provider of collaborative planning and booking solutions for the travel industry, ArrivalGuides offers comprehensive travel products, with premium destination guides and real-time social collaboration between users. The platform enables users to book flights, hotels, activities, cruises, cars and tours, and also to create their own environments where they can add content to their journey instantly. The booking system empowers each individual to coordinate with other users in real-time, users who then share their vision, ideas and experiences as they plan their next trip.

ArrivalGuides’ travel videos have been adapted to meet Gymtech’s customers’ expectations. The main focus has been put on maximizing the user experience – providing inspirational, motivational and intuitive content – and offering a wide selection of global destinations, available on the ArrivalGuides website, along with full travel guides.

Rune Mathiassen, CEO of Gymtech says, “We strongly believe that creating a motivational and inspiring atmosphere at the gym is what makes people choose one gym over another. When gym members feel inspired while working out, they apply more effort and thereby get better results. And when they achieve results, they become loyal members. This will give the gym a competitive edge in a market with a lot of great gyms for the customers to choose from. Our goal at Gymtech is exactly that – to secure even bigger success for our customers. Our new partnership with ArrivalGuides helps support that goal. We know that their fantastic travel content will motivate and inspire gym members – and may even make the 10K on the treadmill feel like a walk in the park!

ArrivalGuides believes that the partnership with Gymtech Music-TV, and the resulting combination of exercise and travel, will not only entertain and motivate fitness enthusiasts during their workout sessions, but also inspire and influence their future travels.

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