ArrivalGuides featured on luxury buses

ArrivalGuides destinations content included on PXCOm application will be now also featured on-board of Edelline´s luxury buses through IFE manufacturer Azimut Electronics.

Through this partnership, Edelline will integrate interactive destination guides and deals, enabling passengers to prepare their journey during their trip, and even book destination deals or benefit from discount coupons. ArrivalGuides will extend its’ reach to the ground transportation providers since this is the first time destination guides will be included on-board of the buses.

Transportation companies such as Edelline have now the opportunity to provide passengers with a rich selection of relevant, entertaining and useful destination content.

About ArrivalGuides

ArrivalGuides is the world’s largest distributor of destination content. Over 340 partners are using our library of destination information to improve customer interaction, experience, loyalty and transactions with their brand. ArrivalGuides represents more than 550 destinations and official tourist boards, who manage their own destination information in our content management system. Our client network consists of major global, influential brands who are using ArrivalGuides’ destination content to drive their travel business across all platforms and digital communications including apps, booking confirmations, newsletters, Smart TV applications and touchscreens.

About Edelline

Edelline´s luxury buses offer the comfort of a high degree in traveling. Their vehicles are equipped with the latest technical facilities and provide you with a unique driving experience. Sit back, make yourself comfortable, your holidays start now!

About Azimut Electronics

Azimut Electronics is a business group that imports and distributes exclusively brands of proven quality and competitiveness of the various sectors in which it operates. With over 30 years’ experience, they specialize in consumer electronics products for all sectors of the marine, automotive, renewable energy and outdoor.

About PXCom

PXCom assists companies by transforming their current passenger entertainment system into a veritable medium. PXcom creates a direct connection between companies and tourists from all over the globe, who are seeking to consume goods and services at their destinations. PXCom’s solutions are innovatively designed for onboard passenger entertainment systems. Based on interactive applications, these solutions present content in a multimedia format to passengers.

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