ArrivalGuides deliver destination content to payment card customers

ArrivalGuides, the leading provider of destination content, and Marginalen Bank, a Swedish bank providing competitive credit cards for travelers in the Swedish market, announce a new cooperation to add destination content to the bank’s website, serving more than 200.000 customers throughout Sweden.

As frequent travelers are a key customer segment for Marginalen Bank, the bank has decided to implement ArrivalGuides new widget solution into their website, offering their clients over 550 destination guides from around the world, available in English and Swedish languages.

“A new partnership between ArrivalGuides and Marginalen Bank offers an exciting opportunity for banks and payment card suppliers to enrich their overall experience for their clients, who can now read all about the attractions and popular sports awaiting them at their chosen destinations,” said Magnus Aideborn, CEO of ArrivalGuides. “ArrivalGuides destination guides is a perfect solution for clients dedicated to enhance their customer experience.”

About Marginalen Bank

Marginalen Bank is a privately owned Swedish bank established in 2010. Our focus is to simplify financing for private and business customers and we offer a range of easy-to-use products and services. Marginalen bank is a digital bank with approximately 300 employees. Marginalen Traveller is a high-end credit card with a rewards program developed for the traveling lifestyle, that also includes selected insurances connected to shopping and traveling. Besides credit cards, we offer private loans and savings accounts with competitive interest rates. All savings accounts are covered by the Swedish government’s deposit guarantee scheme.

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