Aer Lingus

API Aer Lingus CASE STUDIES / Booking platformThe Irish airline Aer Lingus has cleverly combined ArrivalGuides' extensive content library with their booking form on their website, increasing their possibility for conversion.…

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Minoan Lines

API Minoan Lines CASE STUDIES / Travel appMinoan Lines turns every trip into a unique experience with their user-friendly app for both online and offline use. Minoan Lines used the…

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House of Travel

API House of Travel CASE STUDIES / Travel appHouse of Travel’s mission to enrich people’s lives through travel has been accomplished by the features on their app. Through the use…

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API Visa CASE STUDIES / Travel appThe Visa Travel Tools app used the ArrivalGuides API to provide travellers with destination information. With a country-by-country paying guide, travellers gained access to…

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XL Airways

API XL Airways CASE STUDIES / In-flight entertainmentXL Airways used the ArrivalGuides API to integrate travel content into their in-flight entertainment—offering relevant travel guides alongside their movies and tv-shows. Continue…

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