A Leading Position
in the Travel Industry

The story of ArrivalGuides

Who we are 

ArrivalGuides is currently one of the world’s largest programmatic distributors of destination content in the B2B travel industry space.


Our mission is to offer travel companies a fully customisable content solution fit for the personalised experience expected by today’s travel audience.


We do that by creating and maintaining over 620 travel guides and by working with destination partners to bring their content to a wider public.

Our story

The ArrivalGuides journey began in 2004 with the idea of producing high-quality printed destination travel guides. By combining experienced in-house content editors with a sales team selling advertising within each of the guides, AG’s simplicity and speed of growth soon captured the interest of Yellow Pages, who acquired the company in 2007.

Two years later, ArrivalGuides took its independence back and immediately introduced a new business model that is still in use today.


Impressed by ArrivalGuides’ success for many years, Lonely Planet–the giant in the travel industry–acquired the company in 2019. LP’s new strategy to offer digital content meant ArrivalGuides’ knowledge and expertise were now key to the new vision.


Post-pandemic, AG comes out unscathed. Now under the umbrella of Lion Ventures–a multi-stage travel-focused investment and advisory company–ArrivalGuides continues with its goal of offering inspirational destination content.


From May 2021, we started offering both traditional and bookable content such as activities, attractions, restaurants, concerts, events, and transfers. Our bookable content is distributed by inDest, another Lion Ventures company.


With a library of more than 620 destinations used by over 250 high-profile companies, ArrivalGuides has cemented its reputation as one of the most recognisable brands in the industry for providing high-quality inspirational travel content.