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  • An ideal solution for any industry aiming to reward their customers, employees or members
  • Exclusive membership prices on average 20-25% lower than the most well-known online travel agencies in the marketplace

This is a full online travel booking platform site that is ‘ready to go’ with no set-up needed from your side. You receive your own url that you simply direct all your customers, employees or members towards.

The platform includes segments such as Hotels, Flights, Cars, Tours, Activities and Cruises. Destination content is also included for those wanting to find out more about a certain destination and can be downloaded into a user-friendly digital PDF guide. The added collaboration tool allows users to invite friends/family/colleagues into the site that will exponentially expand the number of users within the site.

How it works

Once you have been given your unique url for the site, you simply direct all your customers, employees or members towards the new travel booking platform via any means you work with such as email marketing, marketing pages created within your website etc. Then the fun begins! Any customer, employee or member that has been invited to the site can browse everything within the site such as hotels etc. Only when they are confident they are receiving a great deal (which they will be), do they begin to book. This is when for their very first purchase they will see at the check-out stage the membership fee ($50) appear. This is only an annual charge that they pay so, for any additional trips throughout the next 12 months, there will be no additional charges – only massive savings. Your customers, employees or members receive great deals throughout the year thanks to your company and you also benefit by receiving a 35% revenue share from each membership that comes through your site.


The only cost is an initial set-up cost to brand your site.


There are numerous benefits, among others that you receive a revenue share.

  • You are rewarded with a revenue share of 35% for each membership ($50 per person) that comes thorough your site and this continues each year unless the member terminates.
  • You offer your customers, employees or members a state-of-the-art travel booking platform which provides them with exclusive membership rates throughout their membership.
  • With the addition of the collaboration tool, your site has the chance to vastly increase its membership and in return offer you a limitless stream of revenue.

Reward Programme

The platform also caters for all types or rewards programmes -  cash and/or points.


Example of a Closed User Group live site: click here

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