Terms and Conditions Blog Article


  1. Any additional information (text, images, videos, etc.) should be sent by email and must reach ArrivalGuides no later than 10 days prior to publishing the article.
  2. When delayed material is due to the buyer, ArrivalGuides is entitled to charge under this Agreement.
  3. Intellectual property rights and other contractual specifications as per separate "Destination Partner Agreement."
  4. Invoicing of order will occur as per order date. Payment has to be carried out prior to the publication of the Blog Article. 
  5. The payment is a one-time fee. 
  6. If no VAT-number is supplied above ArrivalGuides must invoice the legally required VAT (Only valid for companies within the European Union)
  7. Payment of invoice due within 30 days.
  8. There will be a 20% interest charge on late invoices from the contracted maturity date.
  9. As from 2013-03-16 a delayed payment penalty fee of 43 EUR according to Swedish law (1981:739) will be charged.

In the event of late payment by more than 30 days by the client, ArrivalGuides reserves the right to limit or stop the clients access to the Arrivalguides Solution.