FAQ's Travel Agency Booking Platfrom

1. How can you offer the platform for free?

Very simple. We include a very small mark-up on all transactions that go through the platform.

2. Do you offer a floating deposit? If so, what is the minimum.

Yes. This is available. Minimum deposit is  $10,000. By setting up this option it will remove the credit card fee (3%) and add it to your commission.

3. What are the fees for setting up the platform?

Currently there are no fees for setting up the platform.

4. What type of commission set-up do you have?

We allow you to set the mark-ups for flights and hotels and you receive the full mark-up from this. For the other product segment we offer you a fixed % commission.

5. What are your credit card charges and do they apply if I use a floating deposit?

There is a 3% credit card charge . This is removed if a floating deposit is set up.

6. Who takes care of the call centres? Are there any charges?

We have a free 24/7 B2B call centre for all our clients. You can use our call centre for B2C as well, for a small charge.

7. You mention customers can interact within the platform with friends/family, colleagues. How does this actually work?

Once a customer has created a trip within your platform, they can invite anyone they wish via Email or Facebook to plan the trip together with them. The number of people allowed to be invited is unlimited. This way you will increase your customer bases in a rapdi pace as well.

8. Do invited friends/family/colleagues to a particular trip see other trips saved or just the specific trip they were invited to?

They will only have access to the specific trip they were invited to.

9. Which currencies are accepted?

We accept most currencies, currently over 50.

10. Can I upload my customer database into the platform?


11. What is customizable with the platform?

We allow you to customize quite a lot through your own Control Panel - e.g. logos, colors, what product segments to use, marketing texts, emails, etc.

12. I already work with a similar platform but I like what I see - How easy is it to integrate with your platform?

It is really easy to set up the Intrwiz platform. You can import your customer database and also export flight bookings from all 3 GDS into Intrwiz. Other products booked in a different platform can be manually added into a specific customer or potentailly uploaded by us.

13. Which languages does your platform work with?

English and Spanish. There are another 10 languages that will be added shortly.

14. What documents do you provide?

All edocs (which could be booking confirmation, voucher, invoice, etc.) are automatically uploaded into the platform for each trip after booking. We can brand these with your logo.

15. The language I want to use is not supported but I want to begin using the platform - can this be added?

We are adding around 10 languages, and more will be added in the future. If you require a specific language we need to look into that on a case-by-case basis.

16. Can I create email marketing campaigns from within the platfrom?

Yes this is possible. We have the facility (not live as of yet) so you can upload a csv file with leads you want to market to. As soon as they engage in the Intrwiz platform this will be visible in your dashboard.

17. I have agencies that I want using different mark-ups - can this be done?

If you are one company with several agencies that need different mark-ups, we will set the agencies up as different companies and then the mark-ups for flights and hotels can be different for each agency.

18. Can I use my own payment gateway?

This is possible, but need to be looked into on a case-by-case basis.

19. Are you adding more products to the platform? If so, when?

It is on our roadmap to integrate other relevant product segments, but also further suppliers within existing product segments.

20. What products are included in the platform?

Our goal is for this to be the first true "all-in-one" platform for travel products. We have started with the main product segments in the travel area: flight, hotels, car rental, activities, tours, cruise and transfer, but will add on many other segments. You also have the ability back-end to switch on/off the segments  want to use.

21. How easy is it to begin using the platform from scratch? Ie, do we need training or is it self-explanatory?

It is very easy to set up. We offer complete user manuals, webinars and tutorials. Our 24/7 callcentre is always there to help too.

22. What suppliers do you work with? Eg suppliers for flights, hotels, tours & activities

We work with the leading suppliers for each product segment and constantly add new suppliers.

23. Where do you source your hotel rooms from?

We connect to over 55 of the largest bedbanks in the world to make sure we have the best coverage and the best prices. It offers you over 1.2 million hotels.

24. I already have my own suppliers. Can you include these?

Yes this is possible if we already use the same supplier/s. We would only need your credential to switch on. We would charge a smaller set-up fee for this.

25. What exactly do I receive once agreeing to sign?

You will receive a welcome email giving you everything you need. It will contain four key components of your platform:

1) Your unique front-end website
2) Your  Interactive Agent Dashboard allowing you to interact with your customers in real time but also this is where you can review all activity that is going on front-end such as reservations, bookings ect.
3) Your Control Panel  which allows you to customize such as the look and feel,  messaging, suppliers, pricing email notifications and numerous other features.
4) Administrator Dashboard. As it says, this is only for administrators to oversee and monitor each of your agents that are registered within your company environment.

You also receive Username & Password for each component part.

26. Can we package things together?

There is the ability to do this but it will not be available immediately

27. Do you have a demo front-end we can see?

You may view a LIVE demo here:  https://livedemobs.mybookingplatform.com

28. Can the platform be directed to a url of my own choice?

Yes it can but there is normally a charge for this.

29. Do you offer training of the platform? If yes, is there a cost?

We offer free training webinars and will also add training videos. We also have complete user manuals.

30. Uniqueness of the platform?

There are many unique parts to the platform. The main crucial differences are the following: it is a one-stop booking platform offering all travel products in one environment. It is provided with a very unique one-of-a-kind collaboration tool helping you expand your client database exponentially and improving your global reach. You no longer need to use  different platforms to connect to suppliers - they are all located within the same environment. And with other products being included, you have the ability to increase your income from products previously never sold.

31. Can I export via xml to my system?


32. I already work with a GDS, why would I use your platform for flights?

By having the flight/s imported into our platform from a GDS, or added with your own credentials*, you have the ability to upsell other products in one environment and of course, with our collaboration tool, work closer to your client.

Options available:

You can export all GDS bookings (Sabre, Amadeus, Travelport (Galileo, Worldspan, etc,) into our booking platform. (benefit mentioned above) *If you are using Sabre, you can use your credentials within our platform allowing you to use your rates for online bookability. (benefits mentioned above) Using credentials for other GDS will be possibly at a later date.