Survey Shows that Destination Content is Good for Business*

would book a trip faster if content about destinations is integrated on the booking site

would be more inclined to book a trip if valuable destination information was provided on the website

would return to the same website they booked a trip if content about destinations was included

* Customer survey on destination content, June 2019,

Lonely Planet's acquisition of ArrivalGuides creates new possibilities for destination content

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Increase Customer Interaction, Loyalty and Conversion

The combined libraries of Lonely Planet and ArrivalGuides now hold more than 22 000 destinations all over the world and include 390 000+ points of interest. 

The ArrivalGuides library of destination content is created by the ArrivalGuides editorial team and our official destination content providers. ArrivalGuides digital products make it possible to integrate travel content directly to client platforms such as websites, apps and more. 

Benefit from varied, rich content populated with factual information and specific words or terms, with sought-after, essential information, inspiring, custom-picked visuals and much more. 

Selection of our destination content providers

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