Lonely Planet announced today that it has acquired ArrivalGuides, the world's largest distributor of destination content based in Gothenburg, Sweden. 

ArrivalGuides works as a hub for destination content, functioning as an all-in-one travel ecosystem that meets all the content, marketing and booking needs of B2B clients. Clients such as AAA Travel, VISA, Hilton, Eurowings, and many more use ArrivalGuides digital products to integrate travel content to existing platforms.

“We are pleased to offer all the advantages of ArrivalGuides to our suite of opportunities for our partners,” said Lonely Planet’s new CEO Luis Cabrera. 

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A year after joining AG’s global network, Eger chose to showcase the top 10 things to know about the hidden gem of Central Europe and they wanted to attract more visitors to their city. A blog post about Eger was written and published on ArrivalGuides' blog. The article was created by ArrivalGuides’ very own experienced editorial team. What came after was a surprise. The post was the most popular on ArrivalGuides Blog for that period of time. Eger received many new visitors from all around the world and they felt that everyone was speaking about Eger.
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MAPS.ME – #1 maps for travels – announced the release of over 600 new City Guides within their iOS and Android app, supplied by ArrivalGuides.

With over 110M+ downloads, MAPS.ME continues to release new content and integrations to best support the needs of its users.

General information within each destination includes a multitude of sections, all of which include photos and mapped points of interest with descriptions. 

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