Zuji and AirBerlin added new ArrivalGuides Widgets

ArrivalGuides Widget

Gothenburg, Sweden (10 August 2016) –  Zuji and AirBerlin have integrated new ArrivalGuides widget to their websites to provide customers with constantly updated and authentic destination information, needed for their upcoming vacation. Destination guides add value to customers who can use the information in planning stages of their journey and during their trips. ArrivalGuides widget is available in multiple languages and covers different sections, including do and see, shopping, restaurants which enhance the experience for the customers.

ArrivalGuides has recently launched a Widget solution with new features, including:

  • Fully responsive widget
  • Destination videos
  • Better user experience
  • More pictures

Turn destination content into your dynamic web app and share it on the website. Enter our widget generator and generate a widget to use on your website.

ArrivalGuides Widget for AirBerlin

ArrivalGuides Widget for Zuji