Zaragoza become new addition to ArrivalGuides

Welcom to Zaragoza

Gothenburg, Sweden (19 August 2016) – ArrivalGuides welcomes Zaragoza as the newest destination partner joining our extensive network. Travelers will be now using the content entered by their Official Tourist Board – Zaragoza Turismo –  to plan their trip to the capital of Aragon.

Zaragoza boasts countless monuments, including the Basilica del Pilar, Cathedral of San Salvador and Aljafería Palace making the city a real historical hub. Having hosted the 2008 International Exposition, the city is home to many restored infrastructures as well.

Their destination guide lists many points-of-interest, what to do and see, where to shop and dine to all the useful and essential information. Destination content is distributed to the ArrivalGuides network, including booking confirmations, SmartTV apps, in-flight entertainment systems, newsletters, and a variety of additional online applications.

Zaragoza ArrivalGuides

By sharing their content on the ArrivalGuides network, the city will benefit from the possibility of delivering trustworthy and authentic travel information to millions of potential visitors.

Magnus Aideborn, CEO of Arrival Guides, said: “Getting in front of the maximum number of potential visitors will only lead Zaragoza to an increase of their business and strengthen their brand. Arrival Guides is committed to Zaragoza getting their message out through our network of influential global brands.”