Travel Locally with ArrivalGuides to Make 2019 Year of Sustainable Travel

Traveling Locally Key to Making 2019 the Year of Sustainable Travel

With concerns growing over the adverse carbon footprint left by escalating vehicle usage, travelers looking to shrink environmental damage may want to consider turning to places closer to home. With the “Nearby guides” function now built into each guide on, locating a hidden gem just around the corner is easier than ever. Whether a sandy beach or a mountain to climb, a fast-paced city or the quiet of nature, something suitable may most often be found within 200 miles from one’s home – look for the travel guide to the city or town you’re currently based in for tips on exciting nearby destinations within easy reach from home, each with an up-to-date, detailed travel guide of their own.

Those living in cosmopolitan Berlin may choose to hop over the border to Poland and discover the quaint port town of Szczecin or the quirky Croissant Museum in Poznan, or even venture south within Germany, exploring parts of the country bound to ignite interest of history buffs (start with Dresden, a city of fascinating cultural prowess rebuilt from the ashes following WWII). Tips for suggested destinations can be found in each travel guide, just below the list of sections.

According to the new Sustainable Travel Report*  released by, a large majority of global travelers, 87% say that they want to travel sustainably. The report indicates that the green travel trend continues to gain momentum with an overwhelming majority of global travelers. 

Even though “sustainable travel” is a subjective term that has different connotations for different people, most will agree that choosing eco-friendlier transportation and avoiding high carbon emissions amounts to a cumulative benefit for the environment, which is a job made easy with the extensive library of travel guides interlinked with nearby destinations. 

ArrivalGuides is the destination expert and runs the largest content network of travel destinations worldwide. With ArrivalGuides locally-owned businesses can easily add inspiring content that represents trademarks of their local flavor. This not only allows visitors to plan their next adventure and download a free travel guide but also gives much greater exposure for the businesses.  


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