Travel Consortium Launch New Travel Agency Platform

Our innovative and seamless agency platform provides travel agents with the online tools they need to compete effectively against OTA’s and win their customers back. It allows the travel agents to communicate and collaborate directly with clients in real-time, while monitoring and managing every opportunity on an intuitive never-been-done-before analytics dashboard, designed to provide the highest quality of business intelligence on every single lead.

The Advantage Travel Partnership (Advantage) is the UK’s largest independent travel agent group. The leisure and business travel agents who are part of the group are each independently owned, but as a collective produce over £4.5bn of travel sales each year, making Advantage experts in every aspect of the travel industry.

Advantage has now launched their customized collaborative quoting tool, completely based on the agency platform ─ Advantage Connect ─  developed by ArrivalGuides and Snowstorm Technologies exclusively for Advantage. A platform to offer leisure members a personalized quote where the agent and the traveler, and optionally the traveler's companions, can plan the trip together in the online tool.

Advantage Connect creates a personal url (PURL) displaying quotes put together following a shop visit or phone call. The agent builds the package in Advantage Connect, based on discussions with the customer, and then the platform will share the link to the collaborative space with the customer. The customer and the agent can then collaborate in the platform to finalize the package. The customer can also invite other people who are going on the trip to use the tool and take part in the process. Agencies can track conversion rates and gather data to help boost them – something Advantage’s 800-plus members had requested.

“It brings the quote to life. We’re using technology to help our members increase productivity and improve engagement with customers.” 
David Forder, head of marketing at Advantage.

The mini-sites feature a live chat facility and allow customers to view and add product, invite others in the travelling party to view details, and download travel documents. Destination content by ArrivalGuides is also shown, with commissionable ancillaries highlighted and able to be added to the quote at any stage, including during the holiday.

"We are immensely proud to partner with Advantage Travel Partnership and Snowstorm Technologies to launch ’Advantage Connect’. By working closely together, we have created a truly breath-taking platform that is sure to change the travel agency landscape" 
Magnus Aideborn, CEO and founder of ArrivalGuides