Take 15 Minutes Every Week to Make Your ArrivalGuide Amazing


You work 12 months a year, 5 days a week and at least 8 hours a day, meaning approximately 1,700 hours per year in total (or maybe less if you work in Germany, the Netherlands or France, according to the OECD). Days fly by, as your work schedule is packed with an end to end meetings and projects, making you feel like there is hardly any time for the smaller, yet still important, tasks. Some things are worth scheduling time for, so why not take 15 minutes a week and work on making your ArrivalGuide more inspirational and inviting?

According to the Google Travel Study, social networking, video, or photo sites are the top online sources of inspiration for travelers. In other words, travelers rely on exciting pictures and videos that impressed them the most when deciding on their next destination. No one wants to read a twenty-page essay about your destination, and solely black text on white paper in the digital age is almost a criminal act. Let’s start our 15 minutes a week by adding stunning pictures to your ArrivalGuide and turn it into an inspirational travel handbook – and your destination masterpiece.

ArrivalGuide - Google Travel Study

In order to add as many inspirational photos as possible in a quarter of an hour, you should first decide on the section you would like to work on. Once you have decided, and I hope that the decision process will not take you 15 minutes, you can go to the first POI without an image and browse for a fitting picture – either from your media database or directly from Google. As we know, search engines are used by travelers for trip inspiration, so why not do the same and seek pictures which are free for commercial use, with a large resolution?

Once saved to your favorite ArrivalGuides’ folder on your computer, upload it to the system – and do not forget to give photo credits. In 15 minutes, you should have managed 5 pictures and a better look for your guide. How does that sound?

Even if you are already an ArrivalGuides superstar, flaunting a guide that is chockablock with clear, crisp pictures, don’t get too comfortable, as there is a little more to do. Make yourself relaxed with a cup of coffee, and brainstorm ideas about the next destination video you would like to produce. Again, according to the Google Travel Study, online travel videos are influential in the early stages. Surely, you want to catch the travelers in the inspiration phase when they are just starting to think about ‘where to go’, and not after the decision-making phase is over when the choice has been made and planning has commenced. The last thing you want to do is lose a potential visitors’ interest, and revenue, to another destination who reached them before you ever had a chance, through the use of fantastic videos.

ArrivalGuide - Google Case Study

Last, but not least, take a look at your new PDF guide, print it out and go through it – even give it to a friend or family. Holding your own destination guide in your hands can be magical and inspire you to create new sections, POIs, videos and content. Then, create a checklist for your next weekly, 15-minute ArrivalGuide update session, and make your destination stand out from the rest.