St. Petersburg Boosts Destination Visibility With ArrivalGuides

St. Petersburg ArrivalGuides

Gothenburg, Sweden (June 30, 2015) – One of most modern and culturally-rich cities, St. Petersburg, is the latest DMO to join the ArrivalGuides network as an official destination partner. With their new guide, Saint-Petersburg City Tourist Information Bureau will be enticing travelers to explore St Petersburg’s best attractions and activities, book accommodation and event tickets, discover popular restaurants and unique shopping places.

Information, including photos and videos, about St. Petersburg will be distributed to millions of travelers through ArrivalGuides Distribution Network of over 300 influential, major global brands, including Google,, AAA, SAS, and Helloworld. These distribution partners will use the content provided by the tourist board, including photos and videos, for downloadable guides, booking confirmations, newsletters, in-flight entertainment systems, apps, preinstalled SmartTV applications and many other online and digital communications. Points of interest which are entered into the ArrivalGuides platform will be pulled into Google’s two new destination-specific apps, Google Now, and Google Field Trip.

With its abundance of cafes in historical settings, art-filled galleries, and a packed cultural program, unforgettable adventures await travelers who will be inspired through ArrivalGuides to stroll around the streets of St. Petersburg with gilded domes, pastel palaces, and cathedrals.

Yulia Pilipchuk, Deputy General Director of the St. Petersburg City Tourist Information Bureau said, “We are delighted that Saint Petersburg is an ArrivalGuides partner. ArrivalGuides, with its unique way of distribution, will undoubtedly give a new life to St Petersburg city marketing.”

Aviva Pearson, the President of ArrivalGuides, commented, “We are very excited to welcome St. Petersburg to the ArrivalGuides network, joining over 550 other renown destinations in our content library. Many of our global distribution partners have expressed delight at having access to content from one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and the videos and photos will be very valuable to travelers who are looking for visual inspiration when deciding on the next incredible city to add to their bucket list.”

About Saint-Petersburg City Tourist Information Bureau

St. Petersburg City Tourist Information Bureau (CTIB) was founded in the year 2000. CTIB is a general information system, which accommodates a database about the cultural life of St. Petersburg, exhibitions, festivals and theater premiers, about the sport and all other kinds of remarkable events. The database contains a wide range of information about tourist objects, attractions, hotels, sanatoriums and resorts, tourist agencies and entertainment sphere. This is the widest information data of St. Petersburg, which is constantly enlarged, and reflects the development of city tourist market.