Sleepy Hollow, Scaryville Joins The ArrivalGuides Network

Sleepy Hollow ArrivalGuides

Gothenburg, Sweden (October 28, 2015) – ArrivalGuides has been screaming about the latest destination to join their network, and make no bones about it, it is their spookiest guide available to date. With Halloween just around the corner, ArrivalGuides has signed up Sleepy Hollow, the destination partner which presents a variety of things to do for the not-so-faint-hearted. Visitors who wish to be ‘spirited away by supernatural means’ will be racing to Sleepy Hollow for their best holiday yet, but we do advise them not to lose their head over this amazing place.

Ichabod Crane, CEO of Sleepy Hollow -Scaryville Tourist Bureau Convention and Visitors Bureauthe pseudo-official Tourist Board of Sleepy Hollow, stated, “The town has put a lot of effort into the creation of our ghoulish guide which filled with haunted attractions and points of interest, bridges and houses. Travelers will use their destination guide to find their worst nightmares, frightening activities and plan an exciting time in this menacing region of eerie shadows.”

Magnus Aideborn, CEO of ArrivalGuides, said, “ArrivalGuides´ distribution network of over 340 major, global travel brands use our content from over 600 destinations worldwide to increase engagement and bookings across their digital platforms and communications, including booking confirmations, e-newsletters, websites, apps, social media and Smart TV applications. Sleepy Hollow – Scaryville will be a key destination for many of our distribution customers who are looking for rich content. Vampire Air, one of our distribution partners, has just announced 6 flights daily to Sleepy Hollow – Scaryville, with free baggage allowance. This means you can take all the underwear you need, as you will need to change them on a regular basis.”

Katrina Van Tassel, Marketing Director of Sleepy Hollow – Scaryville Tourist Bureau CVB, stated, “Get all your thrills and feel the chills at our ghost hunts, explore horrifyingly haunted houses including our Schoolhouse, discover ghoulish attractions and don´t even think of missing out the Philipsburg Manor mansion! Even more terrifying adventures await those bold enough to walk through the Old Dutch Cemetery. My question to all of you out there is, do you dare to enter?”

Aviva Pearson, President of ArrivalGuides said, “One of my most memorable holidays was in Sleepy Hollow-Scaryville. The head of the tourist information center – who ironically did not have a head, but a pumpkin instead – was most welcoming. I even remember his name, Brom Bones, which I thought was a rather fitting name. Brom really knows the area, and likes to accompany you because he is so friendly. I would suggest visiting the tourist information center and asking him for a detailed itinerary of what to do and where to go during your time in this haunted destination, though he is very enthusiastic about horseback riding! I will add, I thought during our horseback ride, he was a little too close sometimes…”

About Sleepy Hollow, Scaryville

A drowsy, dreamy influence hangs over the land and pervades the very atmosphere of Sleepy Hollow. All who come instantly feel that it is under the sway of some sinister power that holds a spell over the minds and spirits of its people. They walk in a continual reverie, they are subject to trances and visions, and they see strange sights and hear voices in the air. This darkness infects every soul that dares to visit, for however wide awake they may have been before entering this sleepy region, they are sure to inhale the witching influence of the air and begin to dream evil dreams and see ghostly apparitions. And they have a headless horseman.