Rotterdam to attract more visitors with ArrivalGuides


Gothenburg, Sweden (October 25, 2016) – The world’s largest supplier of destination content, ArrivalGuides, welcomes Rotterdam, the architecture city of Holland, to its’ extensive destination network.

With the full access to information on things to do and see in Rotterdam, travelers will be using the content entered by the Official Tourist Board to plan their vacation around this vibrant metropolis, which is known for being the cultural and economic hotspot.

Rotterdam offers a wealth of architecture with unique exhibitions, various events, and attraction sites, which will be listed in their guide along with their dining, nightlife, and shopping sections. Their guide will be used by the ArrivalGuides distribution network, including booking confirmations, SmartTV apps, in-flight entertainment systems, newsletters, and a variety of additional online applications.

Maarten Jeuring, Account Manager Leisure at Rotterdam Partners said, “We are very happy to begin a collaboration with Arrivalguides. It fits within our strategy – to have our own updated inspirational content shown through a larger platform. Arrivalguides makes it possible for our content to be visible throuh a wide variety of travel operators that we couldn’t possibly do individually.”

Magnus Aideborn, CEO of ArrivalGuides said “We are very excited to add Rotterdam to our network of destinations. Our distribution clients will be very happy to introduce this architectural center to their customers, who are on the hunt for new places to explore. Rotterdam is now part of their palette of destinations to choose from.”