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Pushing your city forward on ArrivalGuides Blog

Eger, with its thousand years of history, welcoming environment, vineyards and outstanding hospitality is one of Hungary’s most popular places to visit. In 2015 they decided to partner up with ArrivalGuides, the world’s largest supplier of destination content with 625 destination guides and 1500 distribution partners.

A year after joining AG’s global network, Eger chose to showcase the top 10 things to know about the hidden gem of Central Europe. The article was created and published by ArrivalGuides’ very own experienced editorial team.

Ádám Sarusi-Kis from visiteger.com responded on the question, what the result of the Blog article was:

“We wanted to show the world that there is a small town in Hungary that is worth a visit. We wrote a post about Eger, published it and what came after was a surprise. Our post was the most popular on the ArrivalGuides Blog for that period, we received many new visitors from all around the world and we felt that everyone was speaking about Eger. It was amazing!”

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