Promote Your City Card Through the ArrivalGuides Network

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City Cards are the modern way to see the best that a city has to offer, building an image of the destination as a beautiful and exciting place worth exploring.

Used on discount offers for attractions, tours, restaurants, public transport and shopping, City Cards and attraction passes mark the difference between visiting and truly exploring the destination.

Visitors to a destination enjoy benefiting from pre-arranged offers to recommended points of interest to make their stay a real pleasure.

The ArrivalGuides City Card Promotion will give your destination the ability to reach visitors in the planning and booking stages of their holiday, affording the best opportunity for travelers to explore the city in the most beneficial way. ArrivalGuides will promote destinations City Cards and attraction passes through their distribution network of over 300 influential, global brands, including AAA,, Google, Ryanair, Aer Lingus, and Google. In addition, City Cards will be highlighted in a promotional section within its own City Guide.

Uroš Črnigoj from Visit Ljubljana, said, “ArrivalGuides is a great promotional channel for us because it reaches the travelers in their planning and booking stages, so we are happy to be able to provide them with quality content about Ljubljana, when and where they need it most. The Ljubljana Card is our product which enables people to explore the main sights of Ljubljana in both cost effective and comfortable ways. We feel that ArrivalGuides is one of the most effective channels to make travelers aware of it and it’s something that’s definitely to their advantage”.