Mobile is a Vital And Necessary Medium For Travelers

mobile is vital medium for travelers

 Can you imagine life without mobile? No, no one can.This small device is our best friend, a personal assistant, and a lifetime partner, transforming our everyday life. It´s allowing us to find a quick solution on the go, to learn new things in few minutes and solve all the problems in no time. It´s become an irreplaceable gadget.

Thanks to mobile, we are able to make decisions and take actions anywhere and at any given time. This means that the customer’s journey has been changed again. It is now fragmented to small decision-making moments every time when we´re planning, booking or traveling. We are no longer sitting in front of the desktop trying to book vacations. Instead, we reach for smartphones, search for desirable information and make a fast decision.

Click, swipe, press. Done.

According to Google, on our path to purchase, we enter Zero Moment of Truth (ZMOT), described as I-want-to-know, I-want-to-go, I-want-to-buy, and I-want-to-do moments.

These are the moments when customers seek for help, welcoming brands with open arms and let them influence their choices. Mobile plays a big role here – 82% of smartphone users consult their phone on the purchases they´re about to make.

arrival guides zero moments of truth

Mobile has also established itself as a vital and necessary medium for travelers when they´re searching for information about their next adventure. A recent study by Rhythm Insights shows that 73% of people researching their travel options will use mobile to do so. Mobile marketing trends are driving the travel and tourism industry in 2016, forecasting the increase of informative and inspirational travel videos, now reachable on smartphones.

According to Rhythm Insights, online video is predicted to reach 75% of all mobile traffic this year. As Google showed in a previous study[1], video plays an important role in the early decision-making process, with 65% of leisure travelers viewing mobile videos when thinking about taking a trip. 61% will turn to videos when choosing a destination, and 48% when thinking about what type of trip to take.

AG - google travel study

As seen in the previous article “ArrivalTV: Give Us a Minute and we Give You the World”, marketers have now fully embraced the potential of destination videos at all stages of a travelers’ journey, which not only has the potential to inspire but also to stimulate a desire to travel.

ArrivalGuides is making alliances with global Smart TVs providers and STB manufacturers such as Opera, Amazon Fire, Dailymotion, NetRange and Foxxum to help boost the visibility of the destinations and their video content. ArrivalTV, ArrivalGuides´ video channel, has been recently introduced to the new markets in Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East. With China´s top brand Zeasn that covers 6 million Smart TV sets and devices from world famous brands such as Philips, Sharp, BenQ, Haier, and Konka, destination videos are now available to users in the whole world.

According to eMarketer[2], 62.6% of individuals who researched their travel options digitally did so using their smartphones, an increase of nearly 26% over the previous year. 2016 is predicted to see this percentage jump to 73%.

While optimizing your business for mobile, travel companies need to explore new ways to delivered destination content straight to the hands of mobile users. With an unrivaled open rate of 98%, SMS is proving to be one of the most effective channels for getting destination content seen on mobile, even better than email, with an open rate of only 23%[3].

At ArrivalGuides, we have seen a sharp increase in the interest for destination content in travel operators mobile apps, getting recognized as the travel concierge tool, or travel companion. Helping customers with inspiration, research, booking, and also while traveling, is strengthening the travel operators’ brand and increasing customer loyalty. ArrivalGuides is now taking this one step further to help our travel operators’ customer to book the best in-destination products at the right time and place.

ArrivalTickets, a unique platform for the best bookable in-destination products.

arrival guides - arrival tickets

Travelers are increasingly using smartphones to be inspired, take actions and watch destination videos by performing quick searches. Therefore, micro-moments are important points within travelers´ journey because they will determine how the journey ends.

Nowadays, smartphones are seen less as a tool and more as an extension of ourselves. Travel companies have to optimize their mobile presence in order to create new ways for travelers to engage with them. If destination content is easily discoverable and accessible, then you will not only see them returning but as well reposition your brand within the travel and tourism industry.



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