How Mobile Influences Travel

Thanks to mobile, we are able to make decisions and take actions anywhere and at any given time. This means that the customer’s journey has been changed – it is now fragmented to small decision-making moments every time when we´re planning, booking or traveling. We are no longer sitting in front of the desktop trying to book vacations. Instead, we reach for smartphones, search for desirable information and make a fast decision.

Think with Google* put together an infographic, explaining micro-moments in details, showcasing the importance of the smartphones for the savvy travelers.

  1. I-want-to-get-away moments

    Travelers turn to mobile devices when exploring their vacation options and dreaming about what their next trip would look like.


    mobile influences travel 1   

       1. Time-to-make-a-plan moments

    After travelers make their decision about their next destination, they usually turn to their smartphones to make it happen.

    mobile influences travel 2

    Travelers are increasingly using smartphones to be inspired and take actions by performing quick searches. Therefore, micro-moments are important points within travelers´ journey because they will determine how the journey ends. At ArrivalGuides, we have seen a sharp increase in the interest for destination content in travel operators’ mobile apps, getting recognized as the travel companion of choice for their customers instead of turning to other sources. ArrivalGuides helps our clients to strengthen their brands and increase customer loyalty.

           2. Let´s-book-it moments

    Both, leisure and business travel bookings are increasing on mobile devices. More than half of travelers claim that the travel was one of the biggest purchases and investment in the past year.

    how mobile influence travel

    Since traveling represents the biggest financial investment for most travelers, they won´t make an impulsive decision where to go and what to do there. It´s a long searching and researching process and travelers are visiting many sites before making their final decision. That is why thousands of travel websites aiming to be on the top of the travelers´ list. Having great destination content, both fresh and unique, will lead travelers to visit a specific airline or OTA website, keep them there and trigger them to make a booking. No other media is as flexible or easy to modify according to your marketing needs, nor does any other media have the network of influential travel brands that ArrivalGuides possess.

           3. Cant-wait-to-explore moments

    Travelers want to find the best places to see, eat, and shop while on vacation. These moments of experience are driven by the smartphones.

    how mobile influences travel 4

    * Think with Google. 2016.