How did the City of Dragons gain worldwide recognition with the help of ArrivalGuides

ArrivalGuide - Ljubljana

Case Study: Ljubljana

Imagine walking along the narrow streets on the banks of the river, where the only sounds you hear are the voices of people chatting and laughing at sidewalk cafes and restaurants. This is Ljubljana, a charming city of romantic bridges and still one of the best-kept European secrets.

The capital of Slovenia is full of vibrant creativity, exquisite architecture, and boasts a wealth of green spaces which justifies its European Green Capital 2016 title.

In order to gain more exposure, Ljubljana Tourism joined ArrivalGuides´ destination network in 2014. They wanted to reach a greater number of people and make their stay in Ljubljana more fulfilling with the help of useful content.

By partnering with ArrivalGuides, Ljubljana received the opportunity to create and publish destination content on ArrivalGuides´ distribution network of influential travel brands which would bring information to travelers through an impressive array of different channels.

Information about Ljubljana is now available to travelers during all stages of the visitor journey. Using frequently updated, trustworthy content and inspirational pictures, Tourism Ljubljana make a thrilling city guide. ArrivalGuides enables Ljubljana to distribute quality PDF guides in all the most important languages of the world through an established distribution network.

“ArrivalGuides is also our channel to market the Ljubljana Card, providing added value to visitors of Ljubljana, enabling them to save money on admissions, use public transport and, above all, discover Ljubljana in a more comfortable way”, said Uroš Črnigoj, Head of Digital Marketing Department at Ljubljana Tourism.

In 2015, Tourism Ljubljana reached 424,679 visitors in total and the number is constantly increasing. Ljubljana has highly improved their visibility by almost ten times since they partnered up with ArrivalGuides.

With their content showing within ArrivalGuides and their partners travel apps, flight companies, Smart TVs and STB manufacturers, ArrivalGuides works towards growing their distribution network even further and giving Ljubljana the chance to be a successful tourism destination.

Črnigoj added, “We feel ArrivalGuides is very useful to anyone traveling to Ljubljana on more than just one level: as the old fashioned but efficient PDF guide, as the website itself but especially as one of most successful travel content distribution platforms in the world. It’s a great way for us to offer our content in different languages right where it reaches the very people who need it.”

Being an ArrivalGuides Destination Partner means having full control to create and customize guides in the most inspiring way, whether creating guides for a specific region or target markets. No other media is as flexible or easy to modify according to your marketing needs, nor does any other media have the network of influential travel brands that ArrivalGuides possess.

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