How ArrivalGuides Reaches Millions

how ArrivalGuides reaches millions

Follow one traveler’s journey to discover how she uses ArrivalGuides’ content throughout every step of her trip.

Meet Sarah, a 39-year-old business executive from the United States, and a very frequent traveler. Her job keeps her on the move, traveling to and from numerous cities under her supervision, and she regularly visits new cities in search of business opportunities, both in the United States and internationally. On her travels she relies heavily on ArrivalGuides’ extensive library of travel guides to find the best attractions, restaurants, shops, and more.

Today she’s embarking on an important trip overseas. During her flight to Helsinki, the first stop on her European tour, she checks out the ArrivalGuides Helsinki guide, which she finds on Finnair’s in-flight entertainment system. This guide was created by Helsinki Marketing, the city’s official tourism organization, directly in ArrivalGuides’ CSM, so Sarah knows she is getting the best and most up-to-date information.

ArrivalGuide - Finnair

Once there, she opens the VISA Travel Tools app to find a nearby ATM and calculate some currency conversions. While using the app she also takes the opportunity to look for a good restaurant where she might take a potential client later that evening – ArrivalGuides can also be found in the VISA Travel Tools app.

ArrivalGuides - Visa Travel Tool

It later turns out that she needs to make a surprise visit to Stockholm, and in order to avoid another trip to the airport, she decides to take the ferry. While booking her tickets on the Stena Line website (the largest cruise company in the Nordics), she takes the chance to download the ArrivalGuides Stockholm guide from the InspireMe widget, which has been implemented directly on the Stena Line website.

 ArrivalGuides - Stena Line

Sarah decides to rent a car in Berlin, the next destination on her trip. She does so through, the world’s largest car rental company. Guess what she receives attached to her booking confirmation email: the ArrivalGuides Berlin guide PDF (created by Visit Berlin directly in our CMS). She prints it out to have with her during her stay, consulting it when looking for recommendations on the city’s best spots and activities.

These are just some of the ways our travel guides reach millions of travelers each year. Our library consists of over 600 destinations guides, which are distributed across our network of over 300 partners, including some of the world’s largest and most renowned names in the travel industry, from OTAs and airlines to car rental companies and more. Our extensive distribution network and content library, as well as our close working relationship with tourism organizations from around the globe, make us one of the world’s most trusted names in travel.

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