Hannover: Using ArrivalGuides to Increase Bed Nights with Seasonal Marketing

ArrivalGuide - Hannover

Hannover, home to the world’s largest exhibition site, and beautifully situated on the River Leine, is one of the most popular destinations in Germany. Increasing visitor numbers and tourism-related revenue is the name of the game for most destinations, and one of the best methods to create a year-round destination is to extend the tourism ‘seasons’. Hannover employed this technique when they realized their tourism seasons needed lengthening, and they wanted to fill in the gaps of their occupancy calendar.

Using their ArrivalGuide to promote their destination with seasonal activities and events during the different times of the year, Hannover is using content, including photos and videos, to clearly demonstrate the seasonality of the guide. By changing the front image of their guide according to the season, they are signaling a change in offers and promoting the variety their destination has to offer during the different times of the year. In the summer, the first thing travelers see when downloading the inspiration Hannover guide is the inviting picture of the Royal Gardens of Herrenhausen in May.

The brand new content can then be seen on ArrivalGuides’ own website, in the free PDF guides which are available for visitors to download during all phases of the visitor journey, and in the ArrivalGuides app available for Android and iOS for smartphones and tablets. Simultaneously, the updated travel guide is immediately distributed to the ArrivalGuides Distribution Network representing over 300 major travel brands. The distribution network includes OTAs, search engines, cruise companies and airlines where the destination information is provided online, as downloadable guides, available through apps, in-flight entertainment screens, booking confirmations, social media, and SmartTV apps.

To promote seasonal events during spring, Hannover subscribed to the ArrivalGuides Preferred Partner Program, guaranteeing a premium spot on the ArrivalGuides.com homepage ensuring visibility to over 300,000 travelers a month looking for inspiration on the ArrivalGuides.com website.

Being an ArrivalGuides Destination Partner means having full control to create and customize guides in the most inspiring way, whether creating guides for specific seasons or target markets. No other media is more flexible or easier to modify according to your marketing needs, nor does any other media have the network of influential travel brands that ArrivalGuides possesses.

Having pictures, content and events that are relevant to a particular season show travelers that the guide contains most up to date information and inspires them to travel to your destination.

"We are changing the front image according to the time of the year. This way we can make sure that the travelers get a feeling for the different seasons in our destination. Of course we also update our opening hours of sights and tours”, explains Lars Gerhardts, Marketing Manager at Visit Hannover.

Another destination that is greatly benefiting from seasonal marketing is St. Anton in Austria. The ArrivalGuides library of over 550 destination guides includes two guides of the cozy little town which are home to a state-of-the-art wellness center and many excellent restaurants. The St Anton Summer guide was created to promote activities and festivals in and around the Arlberg area in the summer time. Whereas the guide called just St Anton inspires travelers to go skiing, snowboarding or snowshoeing during the winter season. The idea to have two guides about St Anton came from St. Anton’s own website as they also differentiate between their offers for summer and winter.

ArrivalGuides gives destinations the chance to easily adapt their marketing in different seasons to leverage the destination’s potential and attract visitors all year around. Using seasonal marketing has shown to boost bed nights in every season as tourists are getting inspired to travel to a destination in every month of the year.