Destination content in post-booking communication increases customer loyalty

The online purchase experience is nothing quite like purchasing goods at the supermarket, where swiping a credit card or handing the money completes the buying process.

No store employee will chase a customer to the parking lot, trying to sell more goods.

However, booking/buying online does not end when customer press the “confirm” button. After the purchase is done, travel marketers feel strong need to re-engage with their customers. One of the effective tools is creating post-booking experience for customers which advances the chances of gaining the holy grail of business – customer loyalty.

ArrivalGuides is the world’s largest distributor of destination content. Over 340, travel operators are using our library of destination information to improve customer interaction, experience, loyalty and transactions with their brand. ArrivalGuides represents more than 550 destinations and official tourist boards, who manage their own destination information in our content management system. Our distribution network consists of major global, influential brands who are using our destination content to drive their travel business across all platforms and digital communications including apps, booking confirmations, newsletters, Smart TV applications and in-flight entertainment.

ArrivalGuides´ authentic content for local attractions, hotspots, events and essential information is a great addition for travel operators to enrich their existing offer with the sense of uniqueness.

It´s a cross-selling opportunity for them to boost customer´s travel experience that can improve their satisfaction and increase engagement and loyalty.

Letting customers know that their booking has been completed with post-booking emails travel operators communicate that they care about more than just acquiring new business and making profits. One of the keys is to send messages with relevant and up-to-date destination content from ArrivalGuides.

The easy-to-launch email solution is generating impressive statistics – between 10-30% of people who open a booking confirmation or pre-travel email download a guide, branded with the travel operators own brand.

Let´s see some examples of some of the many OTAs, airlines and car rental suppliers who successfully use this solution.

ArrivalGuides have teamed up to offer eDreams, Opodo and GoVoyages clients with updated and fresh destination information for their upcoming trip. Guides are available in post-booking communications and mobile apps for all 3 brands.

“ArrivalGuides has great travel guides from all over the world and in many languages. Their easy-to-use tools are convenient for integrating and implementing their content with our website. Their solutions are good for both inspiring customers during the booking process and providing a good service by adding a PDF Guide in our booking and confirmation emails.”, said Louise Blomberg, CRM Marketing Manager from Travellink, Nordic eDreams ODIGEO brand.

AG - Edreams

Zuji and Webjet have integrated ArrivalGuides destination information into their post-booking confirmation emails.

“The link to the downloadable PDFs is one of the top drivers for clicks”, said Hayley Kerruish, Email Marketing Manager of Webjet and ZUJI Australia/NZ. “Integrating free destination guide information into our post-booking emails has improved our customer’s booking experience. We see demand for this information, driving CTR up, and appreciate the ever expanding content ArrivalGuides delivers.”

AG - Zuji

To sum up, starting with a personalized post-booking and confirmations emails with added destination guides will help travel operators build stronger relations with customers that can lead to repeatable bookings and good reviews.