ArrivalGuides Marketing Campaign Attracting Travelers

In 2018, the Spanish city of Badajoz was looking to attract more travelers for a special event they host each summer called “La Ciudad Encendida” (“The City of Lights” in English). This event lights up Badajoz and enchants tourists and locals alike each weekend during the months of July and August. Attracting tourists from outside the Iberian Peninsula, primarily the UK and Germany, was Badajoz’ goal when they reached out to ArrivalGuides for help.  

Badajoz at night

ArrivalGuides’ in-house editorial team created a marketing campaign to build awareness and attract European travelers to the event. The heart of Badajoz’ digital marketing campaign for their event became the microsites which were created for each target audience (by language). All traffic was driven to these perfectly manicured microsites with sponsored ads on Facebook and Instagram, Email newsletters to thousands of ArrivalGuides’ followers from the targeted countries, Google Display Ads and promotion in ArrivalGuides’ Digital Travel Guide ads which are distributed by 1500+ companies worldwide. ArrivalGuides produced all of the creative materials for the marketing campaign and managed the media channels. In only 14 days post-launch, the campaign reached over 1.59 million impressions.

“We joined forces with ArrivalGuides to carry out a small online campaign in an effort to promote an important touristic event for our city, ‘Badajoz: Ciudad Encendida’. It is an absolutely essential product for our city, showcasing the very best it has to offer; sensitivity, sensuality and seduction. It is an intricate product, one that you really need to get to know intimately in order to promote, and even though it was our first time working with ArrivalGuides, they succeeded in capturing the essence of the event in their promotional efforts.

On behalf of Turismo Badajoz, we thank ArrivalGuides for the delicate work they have carried out in showcasing the best of our event internationally.” said Fernando Fuentes, Service Manager for the Counsel of Badajoz – Turismo Badajoz.

“Our destination marketing campaign offer is a way for us to work more closely together with our partners as much as destination organizations. It is close to heart for us, as we are all about great destination content.” said Magnus Aideborn, CEO at ArrivalGuides.

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