ArrivalGuides helps Vienna improve their guests’ experience

ArrivalGuides - Vienna - Travel Guide

Culturally and musically one of the richest cities in the world exceeds every traveler´s expectations. Regardless of how many times you visit, Vie everlasting wealth of things to do and see all year round.

A city that allures and seduces travelers from the beginning, but even more the longer they stay, partnered up with ArrivalGuides in 2013.

One of the biggest benefits ArrivalGuides offers to Vienna Tourist Board is a robust network of partners that are distributing Vienna´s content on all the different platforms, as downloadable PDF guide, available through mobile apps and websites, in-flight entertainment systems, booking and pre-travel confirmations, and SmartTV apps. As an official supplier of destination content to Field Trip app, all information and points-of-interest (POIs) uploaded in ArrivalGuides´ system are pushed into the app as well.

Vienna is working with their own destinations’ content in a very simple content management system, organizing and managing multi-lingual content to inspire travelers worldwide.

With the destination guide, Vienna Tourist Board makes the travelers journey simpler by offering them the ability to book activities and tickets directly on the spot, before and within a destination.

Not only they reached their goals, they exceed them. In 2015, they attracted more than half a million travelers.

“Our goal is to deliver a large amount of helpful content and information on Vienna to as many travelers as possible. ArrivalGuides are a valued partner in distributing this content to the right people at the right time and, therefore, help us to improve our guests’ experience in the city”, said Elisabeth Strohmer, Digital Communications Assistant from Vienna Tourist Board.

ArrivalGuides works with influential global brands and the network is growing fast, informing, even more, travelers about Vienna on a daily basis.

Download Vienna guide here.