ArrivalGuides Experiences Massive Growth with the Addition of Many Key Destinations

ArrivalGuides Experiences

Gothenburg, Sweden (September 15, 2015) – Bristol, Bloomington, Crete, Dalarna, Pilsen, Sonoma County, Palm Beach County, Bloomington, and St Petersburg are just some of the newest ArrivalGuides destination partners to access the largest audience of travelers through the most powerful content network in the world.

ArrivalGuides, the world’s largest distributor of up-to-date destination information, supplies its’ distribution network of over 330 major global brands with content supplied directly from over 550 tourism bureaus and destination experts. These major global brands, including AAA, Aer Lingus, SAS, and, will now use the official content of ArrivalGuides destination partners in a variety of ways to influence their customers to explore and book their holidays to these destinations.

Manos Galanakis, Promotion & Sales Manager from Destination Crete said “ArrivalGuides seemed to be a great opportunity to spread the word about Crete since it is the leading global destination information network. Our strong belief is that networking with ArrivalGuides could be the new era for developing opportunities for small start-ups like Destination Crete to reach a great exposure to continuously increasing distribution partner network. We share the same philosophy with ArrivalGuides and that is to inspire travelers in their planning and in destination stages of their trip, so joining them is the premium solution for us.”

Using the ArrivalGuides platform, destinations enter and manage a variety of points of interest including accommodation, events, what to see and do cafés and restaurants. These points of interest will be used by the entire ArrivalGuides distribution network, booking confirmations, social media, SmartTV apps, in-flight entertainment systems, newsletters, and a variety of online applications.

Justin Fuller, Digital Marketing and Communications Manager from Bloomington Convention & Visitors Bureau said: “We were impressed with ArrivalGuides’ presence in the international market with regards to destination marketing. We have a significant presence internationally and we are always looking for opportunities to promote the Mall of America on a global scale.”

As ArrivalGuides edge closer to 600 destinations by the end of 2015, many destinations are convinced there is no other cost effective or time efficient way to get a destination brand in front of millions of travelers.

Fredrik Nilsson from Visit Dalarna said: “ArrivalGuides is the easiest way to get your information out on a global scale, and with its connection to all the most influential travel brands it´s an easy decision to join the network”.

The information in the guides can be downloaded or accessed via apps and mobile solutions, making the content, including pictures and videos, accessible during the entire visitor journey.

“The Czech Republic is much more than just Prague and we want the whole world to discover our amazing destination. ArrivalGuides will help us to pass the message to tourists and show that Pilsen, The European Capital of Culture 2015, is worth visiting. We are sure that with the wide network of partners in the industry, ArrivalGuides will make the task easier for us.”, stated Zuzana Koubíková, Director of Pilsen – Tourism.

With a comprehensive library of information from destinations from around the world, the cost of one year as an ArrivalGuides destination partner,  reaching millions of customers, costs less than a one off, quarter page ad in most publications. The affordability of being an ArrivalGuides partner has attracted many destinations who are on a tight budget, and when they combine this with the fact that destinations can sell ads in their own guides to create a new revenue stream, it makes the product even more attractive. Advertisers  within destinations love the fact that the destination guides are accessible through well – known travel brands and throughout the visitor journey.

Ariane Hiltebrand, Manager for Sonoma County, said, “Sonoma County Tourism is excited to be able to distribute visitor information and rich content about California’s famous wine country to ArrivalGuides’ global partner network of OTAs, search engines, airlines, tour companies and tour operators.”

ArrivalGuides is excited about the increase of new destinations joining the network and adding their content to the ever growing library of sought-after information. Distribution partners are very excited about the fact that the content made available via ArrivalGuides is created by official tourism boards and destination experts and s updated frequently.

Destinations are aware that they need to get their offer exposed to as many travelers as possible, as the competition in this sector is fierce. These thoughts are underpinned by Yulia Pilipchuk, Deputy General Director of the St. Petersburg City Tourist Information Bureau, who stated, “We are delighted that Saint Petersburg has become an ArrivalGuides partner. ArrivalGuides, with its unique way of distribution, will undoubtedly give a new life to St Petersburg city marketing.”