ArrivalGuides Celebrates Evolution Day With the Galapagos Islands Guide

Galapagos Islands Guide

Gothenburg, Sweden (November 24, 2015) – November 24th marks a seldom-celebrated, but very important landmark: Evolution Day. It commemorates the anniversary of the initial publication in 1859 of Charles Darwin’s masterpiece, ‘On the Origin of Species,’ in which he first formulated his theory of evolution by natural selection.

Darwin’s breakthroughs came about through research into his findings on his trip to the Galapagos, a fascinating group of islands in the Pacific Ocean, where the captivating and one-of-a-kind wildlife evolved in unique ways. Visitors today still marvel at the same endemic species and bizarre volcanic landscapes that Darwin encountered almost 200 years ago, and eagerly approach the friendly creatures that abound on the islands.

In order to commemorate Evolution Day, ArrivalGuides proudly presents its new guide to the Galapagos Islands. It is now available across ArrivalGuides’ extensive distribution network, which comprises over 340 major global travel brands.