Achieving tailor-made success for destinations with ArrivalGuides – A review

Happy customers will come back – that’s what happened in ArrivalGuides long-term cooperation with one of the most beautiful regions in southern Sweden: Blekinge. For more than a year, ArrivalGuides marketing department has been working with VisitBlekinge to create tailor-made digital campaigns to promote their destination and its many attractions.


In January 2019, VisitBlekinge and ArrivalGuides started a new inspiring project together. After several successful campaigns for the destination in 2018, the new campaign “I ♥ Blekinge” began with a brief, giving the team the framework and direction and included 20 local partners of VisitBlekinge. All of these were integrated within the copy-writing and imagery of a custom-built campaign landing page. To reach the desired target audience of travelers in Denmark and selected geographic areas in Sweden, the whole campaign and creative material was set up in two local languages; Danish and Swedish. The reach was boosted using paid advertising on social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, and additionally so with Google Display and Search ads. To top it off with more inspirational content, ArrivalGuides also provided featured blog articles, also in both languages, ads in ArrivalGuides’ digital travel guides and kept investments efficient and on track through regular optimization and feedback meetings.

Within two weeks the campaign reached 1 700 000 impressions, displaying just how crucial the digital set up is in order to reach up-to-date travelers and specific desired audiences. 

”Blekinge was a fairly unknown Swedish region until we started working with ArrivalGuides. All the campaigns have gotten amazing response and we are so happy more travelers can find us. We are proceeding with our collaboration and look forward to new exciting digital advertising campaigns worldwide” said Linda Sjunnesson, Marketing Coordinator at VisitBlekinge

“Our destination marketing campaign offer is a way for us to work more closely together with our partners as much as destination organizations. It is close to heart for us, as we are all about great destination content.” said Magnus Aideborn, CEO at ArrivalGuides.


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