A savy group of travelers you can ignore no longer

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Millennials have become one of the most important groups of customers in the travel sector. They have a big influence on the travel industry and represent a rapidly growing group of travelers. Here are 10 facts about millennials:

  1. Millennials are group of youngsters, between ages of 16 and 34
  2. They are smart and demands customized and adventurous trips
  3. They are innovators who interact through social media channels on a daily basis
  4. They expect information on-the-go via smartphones
  5. They desire uniqueness and authentic experience
  6. They want to engage with travel brands
  7. They have strong opinions and know exactly what they want
  8. They are waiting for the brands to build honest and lasting relations with them
  9. They want “local” experience
  10. Their priorities while traveling are different: they mostly seek constant internet connection while in destination to tell stories when they happen in real-time

Scott Alvis, chief marketing officer for Amadeus North America, summarized it like this: “Understanding trendsetters and top travelers of the future is fundamental to continue to innovate and develop tools and technologies that satisfy consumers’ changing needs.”

As explored in the Amadeus report “Trending with the NextGen Travelers”, millennials are shaping the future of the travel industry and have a big influence on how travel providers plan their business.

When building and developing a travel brand, there are three travel trends to consider to reach millennials:

  • They are not your usual tourists

Google says that 67% of travelers are looking for things to do on their mobile device while in-destination. Plus, they are more likely to book with a travel brand/travel operator that provides relevant content about the destination they’re interested in.  Millennials desire information that delivers “something different” and does not simply duplicate what they already know. They seek true local experiences.

“I want to meet locals, so I can soak up the local culture from someone who truly knows the area, somewhere off the beaten path.” – NextGen traveler[i]

  • They seek personalization and customization

This group of travelers expects personalized content that will increase the possibilities to transform them into loyal and returning customers. Being able to identify unique trips and hidden gems in global destinations will help travel brands build long-term relationships and trust with travelers.

  • Travel brands should be part of their social circle

For millennials, being in contact with friends, family and fellow travelers and sharing their real-time experiences is essential – it’s their lifestyle. Socializing plays a big role while traveling, and this means that they expect unlimited access to information. Giving travelers the opportunities to connect, not only with other people but with content, will surely make them happy and satisfied customers.

Here’s one more thing: destination content.

67% of travelers are more likely to book their next vacation with a travel brand /travel operator that provides relevant content about the destination they’re going to visit. As mention beforehand, millennials seek experiences that create real value and stories that are shareable.

If you take a closer look into the list of facts again you’ll clearly see that they “desire uniqueness and authentic and local experiences” and “expect information on-the-go”.

To attract this rapidly growing group of travelers, the idea is to turn the focus towards the unseen little gems of a destination. Those unique and unknown places offer travelers true local experiences where they can capture authentic feelings and create beautiful stories to share with their friends and families.

The solution is relevant content, and ArrivalGuides has exactly that – destination content written by expertsTourism Offices and locals. We give travelers the one thing they wish for: unique and authentic content to experience the destination like true locals. Moreover, we meet them wherever they are, whether they’re planning their next vacation or already traveling. ArrivalGuides connects and supplies them with products they might need, including destination information, inspiring videos, bookable tickets on the go, etc. We give them value and an unforgettable travel experience.

In short, millennials want the insight of the best hidden places of the destination. They’re on the search for vibrant, unusual and unknown places. ArrivalGuides provides this content, pointing travelers towards captivating and charming hidden gems in each destination.

Travel is greatly aspirational, and this generates the chance for destinations to inspire future visitors. We know how to reach them and how to build trustworthy relationships with them. If you want to know the secret, drop us a line.

[i] Source: Amadeus, Trending with NextGen travelers: Understanding the NextGen consumer-traveler